• Very Usual
  • 17.06.2023

Max, a fearless child, forms a secret friendship with a little rhinoceros, defying the rhino's overprotective mother's watchful eye.

Certainly! Here's the translated version of the longer story:

Once upon a time, in the depths of the African jungle, there lived a charming little child named Max. Max had a deep love for nature. Every day, he would explore the forest, make new friends, and play games with the animals. His favorite companion was a secretive friend, a Little Rhino.

The Little Rhino lived in the forest with its mother. However, its mother was extremely protective and rarely allowed it to interact with other animals. Consequently, Max and the Little Rhino could only meet in secret and spend time together.

One sunny morning, Max and the Little Rhino decided to meet in the forest for a playful adventure. They joyfully played hide-and-seek, relishing their time together. Max hopped on the back of the Little Rhino and they roamed around, exploring their surroundings. The Little Rhino chuckled in delight, witnessing the child's happiness.

Suddenly, the mother Rhino appeared, looming large and powerful. She became worried upon seeing Max riding on her little one's back. "What are you doing here?" she asked. Max, trembling with fear, dismounted from the Little Rhino and began explaining.

"Mrs. Rhino, we were just playing. We wanted to spend time together," Max said. The Little Rhino also tried to explain to its mother that Max only wanted to be friends and that nothing was amiss.

Observing the child's genuine intentions, the mother Rhino pondered for a moment. Eventually, she realized that the child truly desired to be a good friend to her little one. A smile spread across her face as she approached Max.

"Max, we need to have a talk," said the mother Rhino. "The safety of my Little Rhino is of utmost importance to me. However, I can see that you are a good-hearted child who genuinely wishes to form a friendship. I trust you. I just ask that you ensure the well-being of the Little Rhino."

Max beamed with joy, assuring the mother Rhino that he understood her words. The Little Rhino, filled with excitement, nuzzled against its mother, grateful for the understanding.

From that day forward, Max and the Little Rhino continued their friendship, but now with the mother Rhino's blessing. They enjoyed countless adventures together, cherishing their unique bond. And in the heart of the African jungle, their extraordinary friendship became a tale whispered among both animals and humans alike.